Arc Shaped Container House




Walmax container house is an outdoor camping cabin with arched structure and streamlined shape. It has some special characteristics which can meet your personalized requirements and deserve your attention.

Accurate modular steel structure, floor, wall design make Walmax 
container house can be assembled manually whenever and wherever. It is convenient to move at close range. No building waste and surrounding pollution on site. With thermal insulation, careful sealing and good drain, it keep dry, warm and comfortable. At the same time, the container house has various usage functions and suit for all kinds of application scenarios with spacious & bright room

Inner display

*Basic furniture: single or double bed, nightstand, wardrobe, desk & chair;

*Integrated bathroom: including toilet, shower, washing basin and Pipe fitting;

*Appliances: including electrical fittings, enough extra space for various of household appliances.

Hot-dip galvanized steel structure
Wall & roofing
Cold rolled steel sheet with electrostatic powder coating
Glass wool broad 56kg/m3
Floor modular
Galvanized steel plate, Mgo board
PVC leather for indoor & outdoor
Door & Windows
Aluminum alloy frame with double glaze
Products Features

Core Features

Particular Design Concept
The container house adopts arched structure design which insures the better structural strength. It's also good for wind load & snow pressure. The streamlined design makes better drain. 
Strict Material Selection
The container house uses hot-dip galvanized steel frame, powder spraying coating and thick grass wool insulation. With great anti-seismic, anti-corrosion and wind-proofing, the tiny cabin overall service life can reach 20 years.
Homey Living Experience
The container house always keep warm and dry as careful sealing design. You won't feel depressed when you walk into the room because of 18m2 floor and 3400mm height. You can get homey feeling to equip various furniture, integrated bathroom with toilet and shower.

Additional features

Ready Made
All components of the tiny house is prefabricated. No need any extra processing on site.
Integrate Highly
The tiny house reduces the consumption of construction material. Insulation reduces the energy loss in winter and remain heat stable in summer from the interior.

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