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Tent Hotel

1, the tent with time, large span, natural light, long life, beautiful and other excellent performance, instead of the traditional architectural form, to achieve your various requirements of the building.

2, large span; internal unobstructed space, providing the largest use of space.

3, heat preservation; using SIPs composite material to achieve thermal insulation effect.

4, low requirements; to achieve the minimum basic requirements, do not need expensive concrete foundation.

5, beautiful and economical; the structure is sturdy and durable, the building shape is novel and beautiful, the quality is high and the price is reasonable, and the economic benefit is obvious.

6, flexibility; resale, relocation, with good long-term investment value

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Product Name
Tent Hotel
I-beam, square steel, glulam
Exterior Wall
Waterproof and breathable membrane, imported fiberboard cement board
Interior Wall
Solid wood, clean taste latex paint, non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials
Thick self-adhesive waterproofing membrane, double-layer fiberglass tile
Broken bridge aluminum profile doors and windows, double glass
Structural board (80mm thick insulation board in the middle, 10mm Ozon board on both sides) composite floor
Integrated Chassis
Water and electricity system
Lines, pipelines concealed, add to the tropics
Delivery date
45 days

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