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Product Description


Fast construction newest design hotel container house prefabricated house price 

Fast construction newest design hotel container house prefabricated house price



specification: 2.4M/3.0M standard container

Roof shape

Flat roof with internal water draining design


less than 3 storeys

                       design data

Designed service life

20 years

floor live load


roof live load


wind load


The resistant earthquake grade

8 degree

Recommending function

Accomendation, office, stores, shop, meeting room etc


 Light steel structure

 Using Q235 material.

 Design and producing

 Professional software to do structure designing and calculating, Fully automatic CNC equipment manufacturing,  



75mm thickness color steel&glass wool sandwich panel


75mm thick glass wool


roof panel

0.5mm thickness galvanized color steel sheet


100mm thick glass wool felt, with single foil

top ceiling

0.5mm thickness galvanized color steel sheet


 Floor top

2.0mm thick PVC flooring


19mm fiber cement board


100mm thickness glass wool, with aluminum foil.



W X H=850*2030


steel door



W X H=800*1100

Frame material

UPVC, 60 series


5mm double glaze


Can supply national standard, american standard, european standard, austrilian standard electrical applicans according customers needs.


4 five holes socket 10A, 1 three holes AC socket 16A, GB

Electric wire

BV-2.5mm² / BV-4mm²




High breaking circult breaker


Standard construction, equipment and fittings accord with GH

inlet ipe


outlet pipe



Product features: 


1.Safe and reliable structure: the frame system is of steel structure. We use galvanized sheet steel keel and structure plates to make rib-type wall structure. This kind of structure is safe and reliable, with light weight, which can meet the structural design code.

2. Easy and quick manufacture and installation: We achieve factory prefabricated construction and on-site assembly of components. The house can reach 100% strength after installation, with construction interval. It only needs 3 to 5 days to install the main structure of a 300 square meters house, and needs only 45 days to reach live standard. The installation can be finished with simple tools, and there is almost no water on site, leaving no environmental pollution, and is not limited by seasonal restrictions.

3. Convenient packaging and transportation: The design fully takes packaging and transport into account, and can provide the best loading pattern.

4. Waterproof system: the colored steel plates and colored steel sandwich panels used to maintain the structure is waterproof themselves, so separate water-proof roofing is not needed.

5. Insulation: the core materials of the sandwich panel are polystyrene or rock wool, which are efficient insulation materials.

6. Tight structure, resistance to moisture and corrosion: the construction design is reasonable; the metal structure surface is galvanized, and the colored steel plate itself has good resistance of moisture and corrosion.

7. Adjustable size, flexible layout: the housing area can be changed through increasing or reducing the length, width Doors, windows and partitions can be flexibly arranged, so as to get flexible use of space.

8. Energy saving, environmental protection: The compound wall can be used repeatedly with long life span, and the energy saving efficiency can reach 60% to 70%. The recovery of galvanized metal frame and fittings is up to 80%, which can meet the environmental protection requirements of housing nowadays.


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