Modular Wooden Cabin Home



1.Wall structure frame
Light steel frame
2.Exterior wall
Light weight eps cement panel / rockwool insulation material
3.Exterior wall decorative board
brick texture Wall/PU sandwich panel
4.Interior wall
Wood-bamboo composite wall panel
5.Interior wall Decorative material
Emulsion Paint,putty powder / tile/ bamboo fiber board
6.Panel used in Kitchen & toilet
WPC Integrated composite wall panel
7. Corner post
Square tube
8.Wall Pillar
Rectangular tube
9.Steel roof truss
"C"steel / light steel structure
10.Roof panel
Light weight pes cement wall panel/color steel sandwich panel
11.Roof tile
Strip slate / glazed tile / asphalt tile
PVC panel / Gypsum board/ bamboo-wood composite panel
13.Floor lateral support
Round steel /“C” steel
14. Floor girder
15. Floor panel
Light weight eps cement wall panel + OSB board/concret board / glass magnesium board
16.Floor decorative board
Tile/composite wooden floor panel
17.Toilet ground tile
Tile/plastic composite tile
Our Advantages
Experience We posses decades of experience, modern technology and trained personnel in the production and assembly of different objects, we guarantee the quality of our products and customer satisfaction. Fast construction Prefabricated houses characterized by rapid construction and faster return of investment. The mounting structure can reduce construction time by 70%. Profitability Production in the factory, their transport and assembly on site, drastically reduces the cost and construction time and increase the efficiency of workers. Efficiency Units are assembled depending on weather conditions, with less labor intensity, thus avoiding damage to the materials. Eco friendly Prefabricated construction creates significantly less waste and less occupied space during construction compared to masonry structures. The regulation of waste – Less waste With the construction of prefabricated houses, the manufacturer has a record of how much materials are needed for the job. While the waste from masonry construction can usually fill several large containers, construction of prefabricated house generates much less waste. Safe materials Prefabricated houses are built in the factory, materials are kept indoors in a controlled environment which eliminates the risk of mold, rust and damage from the sun. Flexibility Prefabricated buildings, if desired, can be easily expanded and upgraded with additional elements. Wall intersections Walls can be adjusted in the thickness of the frame, type of the isolation, type of the frame and similar according to the desires, needs and possibilities of the respected customer.  

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