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Product Description
 Prefabricated custom designed log house construction kit, manually debarked and crafted logs with ideal quality.



Product description:


Handcrafting is by far the most visually attractive, ecological, traditional and exclusive way of creating a wooden house.

It maintains all the positive sides of a log homes, such as:

Light and strong material

Weight to weight, wood is four times stronger then concrete. Therefore Wooden house is more durable and earthquake resistant, while being a lighter structure.

Natural air conditioning

Wood provides exceptional heat insulation properties, at the same time it breathes, automatically maintaining comfortable moisture level and evenly distributed temperature inside.

Healthy atmosphere

Phytoncides, contained in Siberian wood species, are constantly emitted into the air, generating an amazing positive effect on human health inside a house. You will breathe and smell an atmosphere of Siberian taiga.

Beauty of wood

Handcrafted logs material maintain all the natural look of wood, preserving it's beauty for generations. Last but not least, giving freedom of creation and unique design, each crafted home looks different from the others, each is one of a kind.

Common Technics:

Traditional Russian

Traditional log processing technology, in which a protective layer of wood is preserved. For this purpose, the log is debarked manually with a traditional tools, with a minimal (if possible) application of a planer for processing knots.

According to the ancient technology of building houses in Russia, the connection of logs is made with a cutout of a semicircular shape, with the release of the remainder of a log outside. The cutout is traditionally made in the upper log.

Canadian Diamond

Canadian tech ensures a tight fit of logs to each other after shrinkage, which improves the thermal characteristics of the log home. Complete tightness of the connection is achieved due to the more complex shape of the cutout, and the presence of the connection of the spike-groove directly into it.

Thus, the frame is more mechanically strong and requires slightly less heating costs than traditional Russian. Disadvantages of technology include a higher manufacturing cost and less natural air ventilation.


Norwegian felling is distinguished by a special shape of the cutout and the use of a double-faced bar.

The technology combines all the advantages of Canadian cutting with smooth walls that do not require finishing inside and outside the house. In addition, all the walls are of uniform thickness, which gives additional aesthetics.

The drawbacks can be attributed only to the high cost of manufacturing, in view of the greater volume of timber wasted and labor input.

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