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2 Story Steel Architecture Prefabricated Home Villa Design

Contrast of Different Prefab Houses

Light Gauge Steel House

EPS Cement 

Sandwich Panel House

Rockwool Sandwich

 Panel House

Life Span

70 Yrs 5-10 Yrs 10 Yrs
Fire Resistance Period 2.5H-3H 2H 1.5H-2H
Seismic  Magnitude 9 5 5


Excellent Good Bad



5 Yrs 1 Yr 1 Yr


Roof Tiles Inspection

Exterior Wall Waterproof Inspection

Safty Inspection
Hidden Trouble Exists


Easy to Replace


Waste Money





All the Materials Can Be Recycled

Cannot Be Recycled


Building Rubbish


Lots of Building Rubbish


Construction with 

all decoration
( for 100m2 house)


30 Days


15 Days


6 Workers

10 Workers

6 Workers

Cost Performance

High Low Low


A. Stable & Earthquake-proof
Galvanized steel keel with construction board is the main loading-bearing system. Such building system possesses a more stable wholeness and light dead load that make it possible to prevent earthquake of 9 magnitude and hurricane in speed of 50m/s. High Rise Building is also available to build with light steel.

B. Industrializing Production
The quality of light gauge steel frame used can be calculated by CAD drawing and the production is strictly controlled by computer. The accuracy of the size can reach to the level of millimeter which makes it easier to construct.

C. Quick Installation
The construction of light gauge steel house completely achieve the factory prefabrication and on-site assemblage. The whole building process is under dry construction which is eco-friendly and convenient.

D. Flexible Space Division & More Space Utilization
The span of light gauge steel can reach to 6-15 meters which makes the customers divide space more freely. Due to the wall of light gauge steel house is twice thicker than ordinary brick-concrete house, the percentage of usable area can reach to 92% which is 7%-10% larger than ordinary construction. So, light gauge steel is widely used

E: Energy-saving & Eco-friendly
The wall system of light gauge steel belongs to compound wall system. The performance of insulation and soundproof is much better than concrete house. The percentage of energy saving is around 60%-70% compared with concrete house. All the light steel construction and 80% other materials can be recycled that can meet with the requirement of eco-friendly. Therefore, light steel building system

Light Gauge Steel Frame of Structural System
No. Types Titan Advantages

Gr550,  0.8mm with  Z275  zinc coating

-More than 10 yrs experience in producing light gauge steel frame.

-Possessing the most complete machinery equipment in China.

-Any specification of light gauge steel can be produced.

-According with Australia Standard, New Zealand Standard, North American Standard, ect.

-Light gauge steel can be purchased saperately according to customers' requirements.

-Fast dilivery guaranteed ( within 15 days in general).

-High quality guaranteed ( as to customers' requirements).

-After-sale guaranteed (Titan will be responsible for the whole building project until it totally completed). 


2 Gr550,  1.0mm with  Z275  zinc coating
3 Gr350,  1.2mm with  Z275  zinc coating
4 Gr550,  0.8mm with AZ150 zinc coating
5 Gr550,  1.0mm with AZ150 zinc coating
6 Gr350,  1.2mm with AZ150 zinc coating

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