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 Q1: How long can your light gauge steel house last?

 A:  Platinum Modular is a complete LGS frame house solution provider. We can guarantee the integrity of the

steel structure of the prefab house for more than 50 years. The amendment of the LGS frame is for free within 5-8 years. The warranty for sub-materials such as Colorbond steel roofing, LED lighting is about 1-2 years.

 Q2: How to assemble the light gauge steel house?

 A:  we can provide our customers the detailed installation and shop drawings for the prefab homes. In addition, if needed, we can send our project manager to your job site and supervise the installation of the prefab house.

 Q3: How long does the light gauge steel house assemble from design to end ?

 A: For example: 200m2 prefab house. The time for design is 12 days. We need to confirm the design within 2 days. The factory completes them within 6 days. The shipment time is about 15-20 days. If you have six skilled workers, it can be completed within 15 days.

 Q4: What are the advantages of prefab house?

 A: Quick and easy to install; Durable and age resistant; Aesthetic appearance No pollution with dry construction; increasing efficiency, precision, productivity and affordability; decreasing time and costs ; reducing construction waste.

 Q5: What are the difference between prefabricated house and modular house?

 A: Modular houses or off-site construction buildings that we call are made into 3d modules and shipped with 90% interior fitting completed. As for prefab houses, we prefabricate the house into 2D wall panels, floor panels and roof panels. The aluminum alloy windows are pre-installed into LGS frame wall panels.

Q6: What are the difference between prefabricated steel frame House and wooden frame House?

 A: Prefabricated steel frame house is much safer than wooden frame house in disasters such as earthquake.  Steel frame house can be pre-fabricated in factory and are quick to install. The sequence of design makes it possible to construct both internal and external walls simultaneously, which speeds up construction. Protection against termites.


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