Brazil Light Steel Villa Home



Product Description

Brazil Fast Building Customized Light steel frame house prefabricated home villa  prefab modern modular home

Specification House Structure 


Roof System

  • Roof tile
  • Waterproof roll
  • Oriented Strand Board
  • Steel keels
  • rockwool
  • calcium silicate board

Wall and Flooring System

  • Natural Cement Board
  • Steel Keel Frame
  • Oriented Strand Board
  • Steel keels
  • rockwool
  • calcium silicate board
  • Breathing Paper
  • Waterproof mattress
  • Flooring Board

Door and Window System

  • Safety Steel Door
  • Fireproof Dor
  • Wood Door
  • Plywood Door
  • Glass Door
  • Sliding Window




  • U channel
  • Distribute Box
  • Electric Wire
  • Light
  • Swich
  • Gutter and downspout
  • Color steel 



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Why choose to build steel prefab house?



Cold formed steel is coated to protect rusting during the phase of construction and living.

Hot-dipped zinc aluminium galvanizing can protect your steel framing a long span over 70years

2. Steel doesn’t contribute combustible material to feed a fire, the house is fire-resistance.
3. Steel-framed houses can withstand wind and seismic loads caused by hurricanes and earthquakes.
4. Steel joists and trusses can achieve greater spans, opening up larger spaces inside a home
5. 80% recyclable materials, reusable and  environmentally friendly
6. Demolish Light steel houses dont need large equipment and machines,  and very easy to do the interior remodeling 
7. Easy, clean and fast installation
8. Lower labor cost
9. Wall and roof system, sound absorption 
10. Create a Modern, Safety,comfortable and Sweet home




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