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Product Attribute
Product name Mobile modular house
Keyword Modular house, mobile house, wooden house
Life span More than 20 years

Main Part: 2.7 m (W) * 2.85m (H) * 6.9m (L)(Includes Balcony)

Bay Window: 2.65m (L)*0.65m (W)

Or customized

Structure and materials Wall Structure:
2mm FRP Panel + Wooden Keel + 70mm XPS Insulation Board + 2mm FRP Panel
Floor Structure:
Wooden Floor Tile + 2mm FRP Panel + Wooden Keel + 70mm XPS Insulation Board + 9mm OSB Board + 2mm FRP Panel
Roof Structure:
2mm FRP Panel + Wooden Keel + 120mm XPS Insulation Board + 2mm FRP Panel
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1. High efficiency

  • Factory prefabricated assembly production, interior decoration and furniture are all ready before be transported directly to the destination, saving time and labor.

2. Easy Installation

  • Only need to have a piece of free land to install the mobile modular house, without the need for real estate complex building approval.

3. Removable

  • It can be moved at any time without causing demolition losses and environmental pollution.

4. Excellent features

  • Heat insolation: By its structural frameworkinsulation board and all kinds of combinations of maintaining plates, it forms good combined wall system and combined roof system, and it owns excellent heat insulating effect.
  • SoundproofThe walls, floors and roof system are composed of  steel keel or wood keel, acoustic insulating material and environment-friendly panels, and own excellent soundproof effect.
  • Shock resistanceThe structure framework is connected to the interior & exterior maintaining plates through gal volume self-tapping screw, this structural system owns more excellent shock resistance and load resistance capacity. In this way , the users can feel ease even if it occurs to unpredictable earthquake.
  • Durability: All the structure components are made of high quality material, thus the components can resist the rust and corrosion during usage. The anti-corrosion capacity is good.
  • Comfortability: The walls have the function of adjusting air humidity in the house, and the roof has good ventilation, thus it can ensure the good comfortability of the whole house.

5. Wide application

  • We adopt the steel and wood structure framework because it’s light-weight, only use lifting equipment, can finish installation. Meanwhile the basic load is small, it’s suitable to be constructed in all the districts no matter how difficult geological conditions it lies in, without limitation of geological conditions. Standardized dry construction won’t be affected by the influence of weather and season, so you can realize the continuous construction (without ceasing) throughout the year.

1. Do you provide a guarantee for your modular house?

  •  We provide 1 year warranty for main materials.

2. Is the new material of the “Century Home” modular house environmentally friendly?

  • The required materials of modular house don’t contain formaldehyde, benzene, radiant material, etc, and can be recycled.

3. How long will the modular house of “Century Home” be built?

  • In general, the construction period is 15-30 days.

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