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Generally we use light gauge steel material add insulation and decoration material to build the house, certainly it also can be built by section steel.

Through professional design, normalized, modular and unitized manufacturer, WZH house is easy to assemble, earthquake-proof, eco-friendly, and all materials can be recycled. WZH provides you with professional customized design services according to different construction standard. Prefab houses are widely used as low rise building, such as private residential house, garden house, holiday house, tiny house, townhouse, villa, cottage, and high rising building such as apartment, office building, shopping mall, hospital, school building etc.

MODULAR HOUSE TECHNOLOGY is focused on providing integrated housing solutions for the construction builders, design institutes, developers and construction material traders. mainly provides 6 major integrated housing solutions including PC modular house, multi-story building, steel structure building, container house, light steel villa and eco home.

Specification for Light gauge steel framing house

Main structure
Light gauge steel framing, thickness 0.8~1.2mm, Z275, G550
Wall system
Light gauge steel+glass wool+gypsum board+outer decoration material
Light gauge steel roof truss+glass wool+roof tile
Gypsum board or luminous gusset plate
Composite, wooden or tile
Aluminum alloy or plastic steel
steel security door/ wooden door/ aluminum alloy door
Other fittings
Shower room, toilet, kitchen
70 years

Why choose light gauge steel framing?

Wind Resistance
The whole bearing structure of roof truss adopts light gauge steel framing makes the house possible to stay safe under hurricanes with 60 m/s speed.

Light Weight
Light gauge steel framing is a kind of lightweight flexible structure. The weight of each square meter is calculated accurately by professional software in order to ensure the most proper structure performance as well as convenience to move.

Thermal Insulation
We choose glass wool or rock wool as the basic thermal insulation material. And all the materials we use also plays a necessary function of sound insulation, which makes the inner environment peaceful and comfortable.

Snow load and Moisture Proof
The design of slope roof helps the snow and rain to fall down along the pitch. We adopt multi-layer moisture proofing external wall system which could prevent the outside humidity and allow the indoor moisture escape.

Long Life Span
The whole structure system is assembled by cold formed steel components in light gauge steel. The life span of the house frames can reach to 70 years. And All the decoration materials can be replaced and renovated easily.

Exclusive Trailer House Frame
The trailer house frame is adopted our exclusive technology in structure and flexibility. Auto brake, specialized tire for tiny homes, combined steel frame and flexible support give you the basic safety assurance. 

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