Container Style Villa



Product Description
Item Name
Design manufacture steel structures for Light Steel Villa
Steel Frame
Square hollow section+ C section steel+ aluminum profile
Screw,bent parts,L parts,etc
Deco Layer
Fiberglass reinforcement asphalt shingle Standard 3mm thick
Ceiling Insulation
Glass wool blanket  100mm thick,18kg/m³
Structural Layer
Oriented Strand Board 1220*2440*12,waterproof type
Waterproof Layer
Waterproof roll Two-sided Pressure Sensitive Adbesive SBS Sticky Roll
Oriented Strand Board 1220*2440*12,waterproof type PVC cornice closure plate white
Outer Deco Layer
Vantilation Shutters  Fiber-cement stack plate
Filled Layer
Glass wool blanket 100mm thick,18kg/m³
Insulating Layer
XPS extruded polystyrene board Grade B1,1200*600*50
Rough Groud
Rough ground antiseptic treatment,40*50
Moisture proffing course 
Lamininating films 0.35mm,unidirection
Structural Layer 
Oriented Strand Board 1220*2440*9
Dry Area
Paper double drywall 1200*2400*9.5
Wet Area
Monolayer cement fiber board 1200*2400*10
Oriented Strand Board 1220*2440*18
Entry Door
Steel Security Doors 900*2100
Aluminum Alloy Window Double Glass Insulation Window
Product Quality 

Round pipe joint weld

Passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system authentication and TUV certificate.

H section welding 

Passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system authentication and TUV certificate.

 H-pillar beam painting

Passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system authentication and TUV certificate.

Performance and advantages:

Wind Resistance

The whole bearing structure of roof truss adopts light gauge steel framing makes the house possible to stay safe under hurricanes with 60 m/s speed.

Light Weight

Light gauge steel framing is a kind of lightweight flexible structure. The weight of each square meter is calculated accurately by professional software in order to ensure the most proper structure performance as well as convenience to move. 

Thermal Insulation

We choose glass wool or rock wool as the basic thermal insulation material. And all the materials we use also plays a necessary function of sound insulation, which makes the inner environment peaceful and comfortable.

Snow load and Moisture Proof

The design of slope roof helps the snow and rain to fall down along the pitch. We adopt multi-layer moisture proofing external wall system which could prevent the outside humidity and allow the indoor moisture escape.

Long Life Span

The whole structure system is assembled by cold formed steel components in light gauge steel. The life span of the house frames can reach to 70 years. And All the decoration materials can be replaced and renovated easily.


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