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The unique structural mode of the modified EPS module determines the best thermal insulation performance,and the room temperature of the modified EPS module is maintained at 18-23℃ which is most suitable for human body in all seasons,so that the modified EPS module is very comfortable to live in.Each cubic met contains 3-6 million independent close air bubbles,and that volume of the air contained in the air is more than 98%,so that the sound insulation effect is the best.

It can resist 12-magnitude typhoons, 7-magnitude earthquakes and 2 meters of snow.

Finished Products

Modular structure originally an ISS observatory assembly modular structure. After development and improvement, it has become a modular assembly structure, which is convenient for production, manufacture, installation, and transportation.module is a kind of modular light fast building, it is composed of modified polystyrene module, with comfortable livable, energy-saving and environmental protection, durable, fast construction and other advantages, represents the new living culture of environmental protection, simple and fashionable, is a new type of building in the 21 st century. module fast building application technology to fill the domestic industry gap.


House Type


Dome mobile furnitures house


Dome mobile furnitures house


These are our basic house types,and it can be designed as your request.



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