Eco Friendly Mansion Villa




Product details
Eco friendly steel prefabricated luxury villa one floor with reasonable price
A Light Steel Stucture Villa Material List(many other options available)
1 Cold-formed Aluminum Coating Steel kg AZ150,G550
2 Accessories of steel structure m2 SGC440,Z275
B External wall system
1 Fiber cement wood grain board m2 3000-210*8mm
2 Vapor barrier m2  
3 OSB board m2 thickness: 12mm
4 Wall fiber glass insulation m2 100mm,16kg/m3
5 Gypsum board (inside of external wall) m2 2400120012mm
6 Dry finish m2  
7 Waterproof material m 1.2mm
C Roof & Ceiling system
1 Steel roof m2 Colorbond
2 Zinc metal tile battens kg  
3 Waterproof material m2 1.2mm
4 OSB board m2 thickness: 12mm
5 Roof fiber glass insulation m2 100mm, 16KG/m3
6 Gypsum board for ceiling m2 2400mm*1200mm*12mm
7 Cornice and kitchen and bathroom ceiling m2 0. 5mm K-140 steel panel
8 Steel gutter system m  




What's the difference?
Both manufactured and modular homes look like any other conventionally built home in appearance and both are built to codes that ensure a safe and sound investment. Here are the key differences.
Manufactured homes are built as either a single section home or a multi-section home, depending on the floor plan. They are constructed and delivered on a permanent chassis, so a permanent foundation is not necessary. Because of their efficient, high-quality construction, these homes provide the best value in home buying.
Modular homes, while built in the factory and transported in sections, are virtually indistinguishable from a site-built home, though they tend to be better constructed, take less time to build and are more energy-efficient. They are placed on a foundation and are subject to the same codes as any other site-built home, including all local, state and regional building regulations.
While manufactured homes are one-story designs, a modular home can be of any size.



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