Light Steel Villa House



Product Description

Light steel villa, also known as light steel structure housing, its main material is by hot dip galvanized steel strip by cold rolling technology synthesis of light steel keel, after accurate calculation plus auxiliary support and combination, play a reasonable bearing capacity, to replace the traditional housing.

Assembly method
living in a family, hotel, supermarket, etc
Light steel structure keel: G550 Z275 Australian standard keel thickness 0.8
Exterior wall structure
12mm OSB board

Main Features

1. Beautiful, comfortable, environmentally friendly materials can be used continuously, heat preservation, sound insulation effect can reach 40 decibels, can resist earthquakes of magnitude 8 and strong winds of magnitude 15, and has high toughness and mobility.

2. The on-site construction is fast, will not affect nearby residents, and is conducive to civilized construction.

3. The weight of light steel villas is one fifth of that of traditional houses, greatly reducing the cost of foundation construction.

4. The span of light steel villas can reach 6 -15 meters, providing more space for residents to divide freely. As the wall thickness is only half of the wall thickness of brick-concrete structure, the structural area is greatly reduced, and the residential area is increased by 7%-10%.

5. Reasonable use of anti-tile screw bricks and expansion screws ensures stronger connectivity between the house and the foundation.

6. Because the house is strong, its service life can reach the national standard of 100 years.

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