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Fast assembly prefab modern pod homes

Container house


Steel structure :

bending steel plate
Wall: 50/75/100mm EPS sandwich panel /rock wool sandwich panel,0.326/0.376/0.426/0.476mm steel sheet 
Wall color: White color and optional colors
Roof: 50mm EPS sandwich panel /rock wool sandwich panel ,0.326/0.376/0.426/0.476mm steel sheet
Door : 50mm EPS sandwich panel /rock wool sandwich panel ,0.326/0.376/0.426/0.476mm steel sheet  with lock /optional doors
Window : Aluminum sliding door, PVC sliding door with security bar
Floor: MGO board /optional floor 
Decoration wall: Optional : PVC cladding ,WPC cladding 
Electricity: Optional standard
Install Time: 4 workers 3 hours
Wind resistance: wind speed≤120 km/h
Earthquake resistance: Grade 7
Snow load capacity of roofing: 0.6kn/m2
Live load capacity of roofing: 0.6kn/m2
Wall permitted loading: 0.6kn/m2
Heat conductivity coefficient: 0.35kcal/m2hc
Delivery time: About  15-20 working days
Container loading: 8 sets/1*40HQ


  • Safety and reliable light steel flexible structural system
  • Easy to transport, assemble and disassemble, repetitive to use
  • Good and attractive appearance
  • Waterproof, spud-insulated, heat preservation, seal, easy to clean and maintenance 
  • Any dimension and customized design are available
  • Widely modal application, the office, conference room, dormitory, store, factory etc. 

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