High Rise Steel Structure Building



Product Description
High rise steel structure school building prefab schools buildings modular school building

House Body parts:
1)roof panel:Eps cement panel
2)purling:C purling or light steel keel C channel
3)A-beam:hot galvanized steel
4)floor support panel:EPS cement panel
5)wall panel:Eps cement panel
6)Truss support floor:H steel or square beam

Windows and Doors
1)Window:PVC Aluminum ally or broken bridge aluminum window with single ,double triplex glass
2)Door :PVC,Aluminum or wooden door
3)Main entrance Door:Steel security or wooden door

House Decoration
1)water proof materials:Asphalt shingle or water proof roll
2)External wall Decoration Materals:culture stone ,PVC plate or Latex painting(colors can be chose)
3)Ceramic tile
1)Energy-saving and Environment protection
2)50years service time
3)High prefabricated capability
4)Low self-weight and material saving
5)Comfortable living :waterproof ,insulation fire-proof ,sound-proof
6)Easy and fast installation

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prefab tiny house
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High rise steel structure school building prefab schools buildings modular school building
The WZH is appealing for its division of living on the lower level and sleeping areas on the upper level. This beautiful home allows for an abundance of natural light to enter the home.
The WZH will also be built to the highest energy efficiency standard that can be offered in Australia, so be rest assured that not only will you have the comfort of living in a modern contemporary home, but you will also enjoy lower energy bills for many years.

Life: 60 years.


I Frame
Steel column
 Q235 steel 80 * 80 * 2.5 square tube
Steel beam
Q235 steel 80 * 80 * 2.5 square tube
Roof beam
Q235 steel 80 * 80 * 2.5 square tube
Q550 Grade Steel C89*41*11*0.8 Cold-formed C steel Z275g/m2 

II Enclosure
Exterior wall
Decoration ,107 glue with Cement mortar,anti-cracking mortar,Wire mesh + mesh fabric ,eps cement board and other material 
Interior wall
Decoration,anti-cracking mortar,grid cloth,eps cement board ans so on 
waterproof interior wall
wire ,decoration and so on 

III Ground Floor
Regular Floor
Decoration,Cement mortar,SBS waterproof roll an so on 
waterproof floor
Decoration,Cement mortar.107Glue ,Water waterproof A+B,SBS water proof roll and so on 
Decoration,SBS waterproof rolling,MGO board or OSB board ,Glass wool coil 
V Canopy
Regular Ceiling
Ceiling keel,Sound insulation membrane,gypsum board,decoration and other material 
Waterproof celling 
PE moistureproof film,Ceiling keel,PVC celling or other material 
VI Door and Window
Outside door
Guard against theft or Glass door 
 inner door
Wooden door or other glass door 
Bathroom/kitchen door
Titanium magnesium alloy door
Aluminum alloy hollow Windows or other material 

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