Prefab Townhouse Villa Home



Prefab Townhouse Villa Home

Product Description




Steel frame


As you required


Roof covering

0.45mm thickness color steel sheet, white grey



100mm thickness glass wool, 12kg/m3, single faced aluminum foil



YX12-110-880 flashing steel sheet, 0.35mm thickness, white grey



0.3mm thickness color steel sheet



100mm thickness glass wool, 12kg/m3, single faced aluminum foil



18mm Glass Magnesium Board 1.6mm PVC floor (blue)

Wall panels

Sandwich panel with EPS insulation

double faced 0.4mm color steel panel, 75mm insulation, 16kg/m3,


Upvc window frame and sliding widow

White 1120*1100mm, hollow glass, with aluminum alloy rails


Steel door

Right-hand inward-opening door, 845*2035mm

Electrics system

CEE industrial socket

220V, 50Hz, three phase, 32A


tiny house sale images Pictures show :

----- Building System -----

Benefit of alibaba china suppliers house:


1. Thermal Insulation

The advanced exterior overall thermal insulation meets the updated state energy-saving standards for buildings. It refrains from the cold and thermal bridges phenomenon, and keeps buildings away from damages such as dampness, distortion, mildew and corrosion.

The unique heat reflection and ventilation layer design can make better insulation effects. Temperature can be reduced by five to eight degrees.


2. Seismic and Wind Resistance


Withstand the shock of 9 on the Richter scale.

The dense light gauge steel and column are connected in flexible method with screws and bolts, which can absorb the energy of earthquake. There are fittings between foundation and wall, which are resistant to pull out and shear. The total weight of the house is light, which is only 1/6 of traditional concrete houses. Therefore it has better anti-seismic performance.

Can endure typhoon of 12 levels

There are special fittings among roof, floor, wall and basement. The strong connection can help resist typhoon of 12 levels.


3. Roof Load-bearing and Fireproof


The roof can withstand 1500mm thickness snow.

The structure can be designed according to climate requirements.

Low-rise building fire resistance meet 2.5h (Grade Ⅱ) design standard.

High-rise building fire resistance meet 3h (Grade Ⅰ) design standard.

Wall and floor slab use special technology which can meet 3h refractory limit.


4. Sound Insulation


Improved technology on sound insulation and shock absorption meet the state building standards for sound insulation. Special methods are performed, especially towards the audio frequency ranging from 250 to 1000 Hz which is the most sensitive to ears, in order to create a quiet and comfortable living environment.


5. Moisture-proof and Ventilation


There is a gap between wall and roof truss, so the air can flow inside.

There is a one-way ventilation layer in the composite wall, which is able to make the wall ‘breathing’. This means moisture can be reduced inside of the door.


6. Durable


90 years structure safety guarantee

Special coating technology enables the structural materials to have the self-restoration function to prevent rust and corrosion.

Envelope materials using new lightweight building materials to achieve fire resistant,anti-corrosion and anti-moth. 

Our Services


Design: We owns senior buildings design team,which can provide complete solutions for house user and project developers to ensure the product's market applicability and performance advantage 


Manufacturer: We have CAD and CAM software to provide guarantee for industrialized production,high precision manufacturer and convenient on-site installation of house products


Installation:Our team can install the building or the house can be assembled by local contractors under supervision with

the help of full installation drawings which are supplied with each building


Advantage of House:Ecological environmentally friendly,Structure safety,

Fire safety, Earthquake and wind resistance,Thermal preservation and thermal insulation,Ventilation and damp proof,Acoustic insulation and noise reduction,Flexible layout,Fast and easy installation




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