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Light steel villa is new type construction system, totally new type construction materials involved. Design method is a form of housing construction industrialization which is concentrated construction, structure, facility and decoration into the whole.

Characteristics produced light villa are as follow:

1.Earthquake resistant behavior is stronger than reinforced concrete structure. Concrete is fragile material while steel material is excellent ductility. Earthquake reaction is reduced when in earthquake; it is ideal elastoplastic material with strong transformation resistance to strong earthquake.
2.Low self-weight cuts down foundation construction cost.
  1. Short construction period, construction characteristic of steel structure is easy on-site installation with steel parts after out of manufacture. No mass support module and bind rebar in need. 30%-50% faster construction speed than reinforced steel concrete structure, short construction period and early return on investment, high invest efficiency.

  1. Environmental construction and recycle in use, main material is recycled in use, damp construction work is less as well as noise, beneficial to city environment management and environment protection.

  1. Structure and decoration into one whole, wall panel is applied with healthy environment material and no harmful gas influence

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