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Prefab house

Light steel structure building, its main material is synthesized from hot dip galvanized steel strip after cold rolling technology
of light steel keel, through accurate calculation and in combination with the support and auxiliary parts, a reasonable bearing
capacity, to replace the traditional houses.
Standard Model
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Main Features

1.Prefab house adopt light steel structure frame which produce by machine functioned by computer .
2. the water-proof system on the roof makes the house a good sealing effect
3. All materials have a good fireproof and heat insulation performance
4. The structural steel makes the house resisting heavy wind of 140km/h and earthquake of above 9 grade
5. All the components of villa are prefabricated before leaving factory ,with the advantage of easy erection
6. The span-life of the structural steel is over 50 years
7. Eight skilled workers can finish installation of 150 SQM in 20 days
8.We can provide services of installation , supervision and training by extra .
Company Profile
 A professional enterprise that produces and supplies green building
We provide one-stop professional service that covers the planning and design, building material configuration, technical guidance,
construction and installation of prefabricated houses, thus to free our clients from worries and to achieve both energy saving and
money saving for our clients.

Why Choose Us

1. We have a design team that can design for customers. The houses in the picture below were designed and built by ourselves.
2. Rich experience in housing construction and various large-scale engineering construction.
3. The structural installation of the house is very simple, we will issue installation instructions or assign engineers.
4.If you need our products, you also need kitchen utensils, bathroom utensils and so on. We have partners who can provide you with
better services.
5.Welcome to contact me and visit the factory to check the housing materials.

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