Modern Floating Boat House




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Modern designed modular rotomolding floating house for outdoor


Modern designed modular rotomolding floating house for outdoor.




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Modern designed modular rotomolding floating house for outdoor


 Polyethylene plastic ( PE ), Korea imported Raw Material

 waterproof, durable, anti-scratch, anti-UV, easy to clean


 use for houe living / vocation


 waterproof, UV resistant, camp, stackable


 7x11 meters

capacity of floating

300 to 600 kgs / sqm




 2 years


 2 weeks to 6 weeks


 Waterproof rate

 Standard: IP54-65


Detailed pictures 

Modern designed modular rotomolding floating house for outdoor


Packaging & Loading

In a PP bag and carton box.








Why choose us

1. Flexible Design, development, advanced manufacturing as a professional manufacturer of f.

2. Rotomolding experience for more than 12 years !

3. We will reply your inquiry in 24 hours !

4. We Offer OEM & Customs Service.

5. Korea Origin raw material.

6. QC sample testing before packing.



Material: Linear low-density polyethylene – LLDPE

Production process: rotational moulding

Resistant to extreme temperatures: -60°C to +80°C

UV resistant (except lighting colours)

High tensile strength

100% recyclable


Maintenance and cleaning


Keep the products away from excessive heat sources.

Avoid using ethanol or any liquids containing acetone, trichloroethylene or ammonia (solvents in general).




Our are guaranteed against all manufacturing faults, granted that the items are appropriately used, for twenty-four (24) months from the date of purchase upon presentation of the invoice. 

Warranty doesnt include parts that are subject to wear and tear due to usage, we decline any liability to damages caused to things or persons by an illegitimate use of the product.

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