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Product Description
      Light steel prefab house is a kind of green and economical movable board house with light steel as its framework ,sandwich board as its enclosure material,standard modulus series as its space combination,and bolt connection as its components.It can be assembled and disassembled conveniently and quickly,which realizes the general standardization of temporary buildings,establishes the concept of environmental protection ,energy saving,fast and efficient construction,and makes temporary houses enter the stereotyped products field of series development,integrated production,supporting supply,inventory and can be used repeatedly.It can be used to construct temporary facilities such as dormitories,canteens,entertainment rooms and toilets.
Product Specification
luxury prefab house
all use bolts,no welding
white column,Customized
portable office
Drain system
steel door or glass door
Each container house
950mm*1200mm alloy window
Q235 galvanized steel,EPS panel
MGO board or Cement fiberboard
Delivery time
5-7 days
Panel size
all use bolts,no welding
could be wooden plastic board
Design Layout



Product characteristics
  1.Energy-saving:The design of packing box house adopts reasonable energy -saving,energy-saving lamps,central heating,household metering,reclaimed water facilities,composite walls,shading and roof utilization and other energy-saving,water-saving,material-saving and land-saving technical measures to achieve the integrated design. 
                                                                2.Structure:The main structure of the building unit is steel frame structure.The enclosure structure uses metal face sandwich board or other type of enclosure board with thermal insulation function.The enclosure structure is designed as disassembly type.The box and the box are connected bu bolts.The structure is simple and the installation is convenient and fast.                                                                                 3.Installation and turnover:The service life of the packing room can reach more than 15 years.It can be recycled,non-destructive and low-cost.It is especially suitable for the second removal of the project.The inner wall panel is made of metal surface,which has strong anti-fouling ability compared with the traditional building wall.                                                                                                                                   4.Layout:Modular design of packing room,reasonable space design according to the use function requirements within the box size range,on the basis of the basic module,"arbitrary" combination,to meet the various requirements of space and shape.                                                                                                             5.Use:Highly prefabricated modular space can be deployed quickly and economically,and can be used in temporary,semi-permanent and permanent building forms.

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