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Myanmar 40ft Collapsible Container House Prefab Folding Container 2 Bedroom Design Container House  For Sale


Product Description
Product Information  
Standard accessory               Wall sandwich panel, could be EPS sandwich panel, rock wool sandwich panel, glass fiber sandwich panel, or PU sandwich panel according to different requests. The thickness could be 50mm, 75mm, 100mm or 150mm
              Roof steel frame, steel board, warm proof fiber glass and decoration board
              Base External wainscot is 0.3mm galvanized steel sheet metal, and insulation is glass wool. The supporting material is 16mm cement board and the inside decoration is 2mm rubber plastic flooring.
Permitted loading: 3.0KN/m2
              Door Sandwich panel , steel or wood
            Window Aluminum alloy shutter window and the plastic-steel window, single or double glass
              Floor PVC , plywood or customized
Option  Drainage system Provided plan, design and construction
    Electric system Provided plan, design and construction
Technical parameter Resistant temperature  -20°Cto 50°C
     Wind resistance Grade 11
Earthquake resistance Grade 8

Prominent advantages

Inexpensive but multifunctional
Can be used as temporary living room/dormitory/home/office/meetingroom/classroom/kitchen/canteen.
Strength and durability:
Shock-resistant & wind-resistant q235(yield strength)steel frame.
Good quality eps sandwich panel brings heat insulation and damp proof make
Comfortable living. The prefab house is designed as water proof, so extra waterproof treatment is unnecessary
Movable and recyclable
Can be moved by any kind of vehicle after convenient disassembly construction site/ campsite/mine lot/mountain area/disaster area)
Prefab houses can be recycled more than 5 times in it`s 20 years long service lifetime.
100% of the steel structure and 90% of the eps panel can be recycled in next assembly.
Convenient installation and Labor-saving:
All the parts of steel frame and eps panel are done in factory, all need to do in the construction field is to connect and stack
100 sqm prefab house will just cost 2 days by only 4 workers.
The welding and cutting of steel is considered to be specialized labor and can increase construction expenses, yet overall it is still lower than conventional construction.
Prefabricated modules can also be easily transported by ship, truck or rail, because they already conform to standard shipping sizes.


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