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Light steel prefab house:

takes the light steel keel as the main frame, the prefab house can achieve excellent heat insulation effect, not cold in winter and not hot in summer. And at the same time, the building is sound and water proof, anti-seismic, hurricane resistant and of long service life.
Reachfly new container house:
neat appearance, no welding points, bolt assembly, green and environmental friendly, long service life, convenient dismounting and assembling, low cost, fast construction and quick delivery.

Structure:Galvanized light steel keel structure
Steel: G550, Q550
Material:Light steel keel/PU sandwich wall panels
Design:Can be designed as per client's requirement

Door:Aluminum alloy/wooden door or customer's choice
Window:Aluminum alloy/PVC window or customer's choice
Decorative Wall panel:16/10mm PU Sandwich Wall Panel

Type:one bedroom/two bedrooms/three bedrooms/dormitory/office, etc
           1-3 storeys
Advantage:Heat Insulation/Water Proof/Sound Insulation/Anti-seismic/Hurricane Resistant/Fire  
                     Proof/Environmental Protection/Low Cost/Recyclable/Short Construction Period
Auxiliary System:Falling water system/drainage system/electric system
Other fittings:Toilet,washbasin,shower, etc

Delivery time:15--30 days after design confirmed and payment
Installation: Engineer available for installation instruction
Service life:The service life of the main frame can be up to 90 years

Light steel structure building, its main material is synthesized from hot dip galvanized steel strip after cold rolling technology of light steel keel, through accurate calculation and in combination with the support and auxiliary parts, a reasonable bearing capacity, to replace the traditional houses.

The floor structure of light steel house 
The floor of the house is made up of cold-formed thin-walled steel frame or composite beam, OSB structural board, support and fittings. The materials used are directional particleboard, cement fiber board, and plywood. Each square meter of these lightweight buildings can withstand 316 ~ 365 kilograms of load. Light steel villa floor structure weight was only about a quarter of the domestic traditional concrete floor system by one 6, but the structure of the floor height will be higher than ordinary concrete plate 100 ~ 120 mm.
Roof system of light steel house
The light steel house roof system is composed of roof frame, OSB panel, waterproof layer, light roof tile (metal or asphalt tile). Light steel roof, the appearance can have a variety of combinations. There are many kinds of materials. On the premise of guaranteeing the waterproof technology, the appearance has many choices.

Wall system of Light steel house 
The walls of the house are mainly composed of wall frame columns, wall top beams, wall bottom beams, wall support, wall panels and connectors. Light steel villa will cross wall inside as a general structure of the main wall, wall column for C shape light steel structures, according to the wall thickness of load, usually is 0.84 ~ 2 mm, wall column spacing generally is 400 ~ 600 mm, light steel house this wall structure arrangement, can be effective and reliable delivery under vertical load, and the arrangement is convenient.
thermal insulation and energy saving technology of light steel house.
To ensure the thermal insulation effect, the thermal insulation materials used in the exterior walls and roof of the building can be used for a long time and can be insulated. In addition to filling the glass fiber between the walls and columns, a layer of insulation material is affixed on the outside of the walls to effectively block the thermal bridge from the walls to the exterior wall panels. Glass fiber is filled in the joist between floors to reduce heat transfer through floors. Glass fibers are filled between the walls of all inner walls to reduce heat transfer between the walls.

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2.5~3.0mm galvanized steel structure

Wall panel
50/75mm EPS/Rock wool/PU sandwich panel with double-sided 0.4mm PPGI
Wall cladding
16mm PU decoration panel
Fiber cement board for the house and Wood- Plastic Composites board for veranda
steel/Aluminum alloy double-layer hollow glass window with screens
Wooden door/Security Door/Aluminum Door
Shower,Seated Toilet,Wash Basin,Towel Rack+Mirror+Paper box
Water pipe
PPR and PVC water supply and drainage pipe with fittings
like kitchen,electric system facilities etc.
Technical parameters of Reachfly prefab house and container house
Roof load
Flooring load
Aisle load
Wall side stress
Fire proof
Can up to A grade or B grade  (according to your requiremens)
Wall deformation
Seismic grade
Wind loading
11 level of wind loading 

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