Steel Framed Ranch House



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Product Description

Prefabrication of wall panels, floor panels and roof panels.
Parts need to be assembled on site.
Construction time is longer but much cheaper on the whole.

Product Name
Steel framing fully furnished prefab houses for sale
Light Gauge Steel/ OSB Board/ Fiberglass insulation/ FC board/ Plaster board
Exterior cladding
Fiber cement board+Painting
12 mm Laminated Wood Flooring
Steel tile
5+12A+5 tempered safety glass aluminum alloy with thermal break awning windows 
Entry Door: Security door
Configuration list
Light steel structure, floor truss, wall frame, screws, bolts, steel roofing, insulation, building paper, kitchen cabinets, shower, tap ware, toilet, Aluminum door, double glazing windows, plumbing, electricity, ceiling LED light, etc


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