Villa Steel Structure House



Product Description


Modular rooms are suitable for long-term parking in fixed locations and can be directly connected to external public power systems and water conservancy systems to supplement the needs. For power hungry areas, the factory can also install and configure the corresponding photo voltaic power generation system for users. Large vehicles can easily move forward when changing places. It is the combination of the convenience of the RV and the comfort of the villa, has the tremendous advantage of durable reuse without occupying construction land. The modular housing has become the best choice for the operators of tourist attractions, holiday resorts, eco-agricultural sightseeing parks and car camps.

Technical Parameters


Product Name
Modular House
I-beam, square steel, glam
Exterior wall
Waterproof and breathable membrane, imported fiberboard cement board
Interior wall
Solid wood, clean taste latex paint, non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials
Thick self-adhesive waterproofing membrane, double-layer fiberglass tile
Broken bridge aluminum profile doors and windows, double glass
Structural board (80mm thick insulation board in the middle, 10mm Ozon board on both sides) composite floor
Water and electricity system
Lines, pipelines concealed, add to the tropics
Delivery date
45 days
1 set

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